Guide For APC Battery Replacement

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Maintaining the integrity of the power supply to your office will be important for all of your employees and colleagues. They likely depend on an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) source to power their computers, even through a power outage. These devices are likely powered by an APC battery. Though you may take them for granted at times, these are actually vital pieces of equipment for your business. At any moment of the day you could lose power, which would compromise the data that is being used at that moment. You can avoid all of that by simply learning how to perform an APC battery replacement.

APC Battery ReplacementThough the official procedure may vary slightly depending on the device you have, most APC battery replacement jobs will run smoothly for you. Before doing anything you will want to make sure that all other computers are disconnected from this device and plugged in to another power source. You will want to let the UPS unit cool down before you attempt to do any repairs on it. When you’re ready you should located the screws that cover the hatch door for the APC battery unit. You can remove these and unhook the door that covers the battery cell. If you remove the dead battery, be very careful to not touch any of the connecting electrodes. You wouldn’t want to receive a shock from any residual static that has built up over the years.

You will want to make sure that you have the correct APC battery replacement for this UPS device. Double check that the APC battery will fit in to the compartment available now. Don’t try to force the battery in to the slot. It is heavy, which means it can easily break the nodes on the inside of the device. Once the new APC battery replacement is in place, make sure it has connected to all of the available nodes. You may need to attach some connecting wires to the battery, depending on the model you are using.

Finally, when you are finished you will want to make sure that the new battery is in place. Affix the cover back over the battery and replace the screws. This should immobilize the new battery and provide a constant power source to your computers. Make sure that you properly dispose of the old battery. Different states have laws about how these batteries should be handled. You don’t want to try to burn them or simply throw them in the trash. There will likely be an appropriate place to drop off old APC battery replacement units.