APC Smart UPS 2200 Battery Replacement “How To”


APC battery replacement is a safer procedure which is isolated from any electrical hazards. You may perhaps leave the loads and UPS on for the following replacement procedure. Additionally, you should take much precaution to ensure that you mitigate any personal injuries which may occur due to energy hazards.

You should also remove any wrist watches and jewelries such as rings when doing battery replacement. The tools you are using should have insulated handles. The following is a procedure on how to perform apc smart ups 2200 battery replacement safely:

  1. Get to the finger pull and open the front cover of the rack model. Swing the cover to leave it open and unlock the part of the cover from the frame. Thereafter lift the cover away to leave the battery door open.
  2. Using a flat-blade coin or screwdriver remove the 2 battery door screws and then open the battery door.
  3. APC Smart UPS 2200 Battery ReplacementGrasp the white cord found on the front set of the batteries and pulls it strongly to detach the connectors from the battery compartment and then remove the batteries. You should then set aside the foam spacer situated in between the batteries in case there is one. Get into the battery compartment and hold onto the white cord found on the other battery connectors. Pull back strongly to detach the connectors and then remove the rear set of the batteries.
  4. The next step is to slide the initial set of the new batteries into the unit system. Grasp the connectors found towards the door and down below the peak of the APC batteries, or else the assembly of the battery will not it properly. Direct the connectors above the top of the batteries and then press it firmly to connect it to the back connectors to stop the wires from pinching. The front set of the batteries should then be slide in and then the connectors directed over the batteries and pressed firmly to detach it from the connectors situated in front of the battery compartment. You should be aware that the small sparks witnessed at the battery connectors are normal during the connection of the battery. Thereafter, you should replace the compartment screws of the batteries and then replace its front cover.
  5. Get rid of the old apc smart ups 2200 battery properly at a suitable recycling facility or take it back to the suppliers. You can check at the instructions provided on the new battery for extra information.

The above procedures are appropriate for apc smart ups 2200 battery replacement and you can do it faster without being involved in any injuries.

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